Java From JSON

Have you ever been provided JSON example data to develop against? Maybe it’s an external API or some streaming data you’d like to consume. Plenty of libraries out there exist to marshal and unmarshal JSON into Java classes. The problem is that those classes have to be defined already.

Java From JSON fixes that. Just provide example JSON, and out pops source and compiled JAR files. You can then use your favorite library to populate your new classes with data. There’s even an option to embed Jackson annotations in the generated classes. Check out

Projects and Buy

We’ve added two new pages to the website, Projects and Buy. The projects page is just a listing of some of our project offerings. The buy page offers “pay what you think it’s worth” capability if you find our software useful.

Our first project is now live. Check out It’s a url shortener that allows you to password protect any URL. Say you want to send a link to someone, but you don’t want it to get in the wrong hands. Just submit the link, set a password (that only you and the receiver know), and then share away. The only way someone can get to the link you provided is if they know the password.!


Welcome to the website of Dashing Rocket, Ltd.  This site is just in its infancy.  Posts will be made here as new developments occur.